about Us

FIT MART was established in 2021. In Hong Kong, a place with a small area and a large number of people, it is impossible to do sports or fitness at home due to the cramped living environment. With the advancement of technology, we are determined to bring the latest technology into everyone's home to solve the trouble of not being able to exercise at home, and at the same time enable everyone to exercise at any time, improve the quality of life and health with technology.

FIT MART philosophy

FIT MART is committed to promoting smart and healthy life in Hong Kong, such as leisure muscle gun, fascia massage, light home fitness and smart sports life products. Promote the use of technology to improve the life platform and health quality of Hong Kong people, balance Health, Living, and Technology, and strive to ensure that customers receive the highest quality products, affordable prices and reliable services, and bring smart, high-quality and healthy life to Hong Kong people.

Peace of mind guarantee

We strive to bring health and comprehensive care to Hong Kong people with a full line of fitness and smart products. We have our own inspection team to ensure that each product is full of confidence, so that you can choose your favorite without leaving home. The product.

FIT MART vision

We are committed to providing Hong Kong people with one-stop online shopping and customer service, and continue to innovate to meet the needs of modern urbanites and bring you the fun of online shopping with ease. We hope to serve you all the time and bring you to a higher quality of life.