[$10,000 Voucher Fitness Products] 2022 Electronic Voucher Expiration, Usage and Restrictions

In 2022, is the $10,000 e-voucher available for shopping fitness products?

With the launch of the 2022 budget, the government will distribute 10,000 yuan of electronic consumer vouchers, which will be distributed in two installments, with 5,000 yuan each in April and the middle of the year.

Coupons can not only be used at tens of thousands of local retail, catering and service merchants, but can also be used to purchase smart fitness products at FIT MART!

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Get $100 off when you spend $1,000 or more in a single use of coupons

That is to look at the lazy bag of electronic consumption coupons. In one article, you can see the issuance date, usage method, expiration date, usage restrictions and merchant list of consumption coupons, as well as the application qualifications for consumption coupons, registration methods, etc., and attach the latest coupon discount information.

What are e-vouchers?

[Latest news] Financial Secretary Chen Maobo announced on February 23, 2022 to launch the consumer voucher program again, with the amount increased to 10,000 yuan to drive local consumption.

The entire plan involves a financial commitment of about 66.4 billion yuan, and the measures are expected to benefit about 6.6 million people.

Through the registration information collected from the consumer coupon program launched last year, in April, more than 6.3 million citizens who have successfully registered for the "2021 Consumer Coupon Program" will be issued 5,000 yuan coupons. Released in batches during the year.

Reference link: The official new round of consumption voucher plan page

Latest news: Budget HK$10,000 coupons, available in April at the earliest

The first phase of consumer coupons will be issued in April, how to get them

The 10,000 HKD coupon program will be launched in two phases. The first phase is to issue HK$5,000 coupons to eligible citizens who have successfully registered for the 2021 coupon program in April, and the balance will be released in the second round of the new round of coupon programs. Issued in installments when the stage is launched.

Note that citizens must use the same stored-value payment instrument registered for the 2021 consumer voucher program to receive relevant consumer vouchers, and cannot switch stored-value payment instruments at this stage. All payment instruments are listed below:

  • Alipay Hong Kong (AlipayHK)
  • Tap & Go
  • WeChat Pay HK
  • Octopus

Collection Method 1: Pay via Alipay, Tap & Go, and WeChat

Citizens who receive coupons with Alipay Hong Kong, Tap & Go "Pat & Go" or WeChat Pay HK accounts will be able to get a one-off coupon worth RMB 5,000.
Voucher issuance date and expiry date
Voucher issue date Voucher Valid Date
Issued in April Due October 31, 2022

Collection Method 2: Through Octopus

Coupons received by Octopus will be issued in two installments: HK$4,000 and HK$1,000. After the first installment is used up before the designated date, the second installment of vouchers will be issued.

Octopus Voucher Issuance Date and Expiry Date
Issue date of the first phase of 4,000 RMB coupons Issue date of the second phase of 1,000 RMB coupons
Issued in April The 1,000 yuan will be divided into six dates according to the date of completing the first consumption of the total amount of 4,000. It can be issued on June 16 at the earliest and on November 16 at the latest

Coupons will be stored in the relevant Octopus card in the form of stored value, so there is no so-called expiry date, but if the registrant's cumulative total of "qualified spending" from the issuance of the first batch of coupons is less than HK$4,000, no The second round of HK$1,000 consumption coupons will be issued.

Octopus collection date for the second batch of RMB 1,000 vouchers

Octopus collection date for the second batch of RMB 1,000 vouchers
Eligible spending of RMB 4,000 accumulated Date of receiving the second phase of 1,000 yuan consumption coupons
On or before May 31, 2022 June 16, 2022
On or before June 30, 2022 July 16, 2022
On or before July 31, 2022 August 16, 2022
On or before August 31, 2022 September 16, 2022
On or before September 30, 2022 October 16, 2022
On or before October 31, 2022 November 16, 2022

Check the accumulated total amount of "Eligible Spending" of Octopus

  1. Octopus Mobile App
  2. Octopus website
  3. Octopus Customer Service Hotline: 2969 5500

What is "Eligible Spending"

The government lists the types of transactions that are not applicable to the coupons on the official website of the coupons. Octopus will not count these transactions into the cumulative total of "eligible spending".

Applicable Merchants, Scope and Restrictions of Coupons

According to government data, the above payment tools cover 30,000 to 100,000 local retail, catering, and service businesses. Citizens can use consumer coupons in local physical stores or online stores, including retail, catering, service industries, and holders of business registration. However, it does not apply to overseas consumption, online stores without business registration, payment of utility bills or taxes, purchase of financial products, transfer of funds, etc.

Coupon applicable merchants
Applicable merchants Not applicable to merchants
  • local dining
  • local retail
  • Local Service Merchants
  • Local online store or online shopping platform
  • Overseas consumption
  • Purchase financial products (e.g. insurance)
  • Donations (including charities, religious and political organizations)
  • Fees from public bodies (e.g. Hospital Authority, Hong Kong Housing Authority, Hong Kong Housing Society)
  • Government payments (e.g. taxes, fines, license fees, tolls, parking meters)
  • Utility charges (i.e. water, electricity, gas)
  • Education expenditure (i.e. primary and secondary schools offering local and non-local curricula)
  • transportation expenses
  • person-to-person transfer
  • exchange cash

Notes on using coupons as a payment tool

Notes on using coupons as a payment tool
payment method Terms and Conditions
Alipay Hong Kong (AlipayHK) pending upgrade
Octopus There is no separation of consumption coupons and balances, but Octopus can distinguish whether the consumption is within the scope of consumption coupons according to the consumption merchants; if it is used for the amount of non-consumption coupon merchants, you must add value by yourself
Tap & Go The user stored value amount and consumption voucher amount will be handled separately
WeChat Pay HK pending upgrade

You can choose a payment tool that is commonly used or most suitable for you to receive and use coupons. To prevent false identification or identity theft, each Octopus card or personal e-wallet can only be registered once and cannot be used repeatedly.

2022 $10,000 voucher application eligibility

2022 $10,000 voucher application eligibility
Voucher Eligible Person 3 types of people are not eligible
  • Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or above residing in Hong Kong; or
  • New arrivals aged 18 or above
  • and have lived in Hong Kong for at least one day in the past two years
  • foreign domestic helper
  • Foreigners who come to work in Hong Kong with work visas
  • International students

Can CSSA recipients apply?

Regardless of whether you have applied for or are receiving other subsidy assistance, you can also apply.

How to Register $10,000 Coupon

Citizens who received consumer vouchers last year do not need to register again.

Lost Octopus? 2022 Re-registration Arrangement for Consumption Vouchers

If individual citizens confirm that the stored value facility account used to register for the 2021 Consumer Voucher Scheme has expired, or the Octopus card that has been registered for the 2021 Consumer Voucher Scheme has been lost/returned, and therefore they cannot receive a new round of consumer vouchers through the relevant account, they must On or before March 25, 2022, update the record through the following channels:

  • Complete the written form and mail it together with a copy of your valid Hong Kong Identity Card to "Consumer Voucher Scheme Secretariat, GPO Box 185000, Hong Kong".
  • Change the registration record through the designated website ( click here to register ), and the old Octopus card will be cancelled.
  • Re-register vouchers in person

Re-register vouchers in person

Citizens can call the hotline 185000 to make an appointment from March 7 to 25, 2022, and go to the Consumer Voucher Scheme Temporary Service Center to complete the procedures. Office hours are: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, closed on Sunday and public holidays.

Re-register vouchers in person
area Voucher Scheme Temporary Service Center Address
Kowloon Room 1917-1918, 19/F, Pioneer Center, 750 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
New Territories Room 401B, 4/F, Tin Ching Community Integrated Services Building, Tin Ching Estate, Tin Shui Wai
Hong Kong Island Room 3030, 30/F, Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai

How to issue coupons for the second period

Registered citizens can change the payment method for receiving coupons in the second phase, and the coupons will be issued in the middle of the year. As for newly eligible registered citizens, HK$10,000 consumption coupons will be distributed directly in the second round after successful registration.